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Applications for grants and deadlines

With its grant activities, Lundbeckfonden wishes to strengthen and support research of the highest international quality, primarily within biomedicine, including science projects with a clear biomedical angle and research plans. Furthermore, Lundbeckfonden calls for applications for projects focusing on science-teaching and communicating science.

All applications must be submitted via the electronic application system. Please note that each funding scheme has it's own application form.

You can apply for the following: 

Funding scheme

DeadlineResult announced
Inflammation and the development of central and peripheral nervous system diseaseLatest closed deadline: March 1, 2017 Ultimo 2017
Thematic call 2017 not opened to be decided
Lundbeckfonden PhD-scholarshipsNext deadline: November 21 2017 at 1 PM April 2018 
 Upcoming deadline: May 2018 October 2018 
 Latest closed deadline: May 3, 2017 October 2017 
Lundbeckfonden Postdoc in DenmarkNext deadline: November  21 2017 at 1 PM April 2018  
 Upcoming deadline: May 2018 October 2018  
 Latest closed deadline: May 3, 2017October 2017 
Lundbeckfonden Postdoc abroad
Next deadline: November 21 2017 at 1 PMApril 2018  
 Upcoming deadline: May 2018  October 2018 
 Latest closed deadline: May 3, 2017 October 2017 
Lundbeckfonden Running costsNext deadline: November 21 2017 at 1 PM
April 2018 
 Upcoming deadline: May 2018  October 2018  
 Latest closed deadline: May 3, 2017   October 2017 
Lundbeckfonden Pre-graduate Scholarships Please study the call text Study the call text
Lundbeckfonden Fellowships  Closed 13 December, 2016  May 2017 
Lundbeckfonden Visiting ProfessorshipsApplications can be submitted continuouslywithin 3-4 weeks
Sabbatical Leave for Research Applications can be submitted continuouslywithin 3-4 weeks
Lundbeckfonden Travel grantsApplications can be submitted continuouslywithin 2-3 month
Science Teaching & Communication1 June 2017 at 1 PM or runningStudy the call text
 Upcoming deadline: 1 November 2017 at 1 PM    Study the call text 
Lundbeckfonden Young Scientist Prize 15 June 2017 1 PM October 2017
Lundbeckfonden Talent Prizes 15 June 2017 1 PM October 2017 
Lundbeckfonden & NIH BRAIN Initiative Applications by appointment only  

Support from Lundbeckfonden for post graduate education of nurses, midwives and therapeutic assistants are applied for and awarded via the Danish University Hospitals' Centre for Nursing and Healthcare Research.