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general questions:

Does Lundbeckfonden have rules governing competence and impartiality? 
The Board of Trustees has adopted a code of conduct and impartiality in which the rules are explained.

Can I apply for a grant if my Ph.D. adviser or co-applicant is a member of the Foundation's International Scientific Advisory Committee?  
Yes, but your adviser/co-applicant will not participate in the evaluation of your application. 

How is basic versus applied research in the project prioritized?
Neither basic nor applied research have defined priority. Decisions concerning grants depends solely on the scientific quality of the research project. 

Why does the Foundation not support pharmaceutical product testing? 
Lundbeckfonden is a commercial entity with financial interests in H. Lundbeck A/S and ALK-Abello A/S, and The Board of Trustees does not want the Foundation's grants to be perceived as influenced by any factor other than the application's scientific merits.

How do I access your electronic application form?  
Click on the menu link, "Applying for grants." From there, click the sub-link, "Electronic application system."

If I live outside Denmark, is the deadline in local time or GMT?
The deadline is 1 p.m. local Danish time and must be strictly observed. Applications submitted later than the specified deadline will not be considered.

Will I receive confirmation that the Foundation has received my application in due time?
Yes shortly after you have submitted the application.

When the form limits answers to a maximum number of characters in some sections, does that include spaces?
Yes. Please observe the way your computer makes a character count. In Word, the function is called "Word count - Characters (including spaces)." 

Should recommendations be sent directly to the Foundation, or should recommendations be included in the the application?
Recommendations will only be considered if they are submitted via the electronic application system.

Should the budget include overhead to the institution? 
No, grants from the Foundation does not cover overhead and expects that the host institution refrains from deducting overhead in the Foundations grants.

Does the Foundation cover additional expenses if I have made a miscalculation or mistake?
No, a grant from the Foundation is a fixed amount.

What are the reporting requirements?

The Foundation expects to receive a status report describing the progress/the scientific results every year as well as a concluding report describing the scientific results and a financial statement with the same degree of detail as the application no later than 3 months upon completion of the project. There is no standard form for reports, however, we expect a report of approx. 2-4 pages describing the results of your project, organized with reference to the research plan in your application. The final report should include publications in which you acknowledge the financial support from the Foundation, presentations of the project at conferences, teaching, etc.


Should it be the Ph.D. candidate or her/his adviser who makes the application for a grant?
You shall as the Ph.D. candidate apply yourself. The proposed supervisor shall be a co-applicant.  

Regarding Lundbeckfonden Fellowships:

When it says I am eligible for a fellowship within 5-7 years after earning my Ph.D., is this a rigid requirement?  
No. It is only a suggested timeframe. We expect that the applicants have been researching for some years after their Ph.D. and consequently are qualified to establish or develop their own research groups.

Can a foreinger living and working in Denmark apply? 
Yes. The fellowship may also well attract Danish or foreign researchers from abroad who wish to move to Denmark and continue their research.

Does the limit of 10 A4 pages include enclosures?
No. The Electronic Application form allows enclosures seperately.

What kind of official documentation is required from the host institution ? 

It is typically an email to you from the department head or someone higher in the system. The mail should confirm that the institution would like to have you assigned, and that you are guaranteed adequate laboratory and other facilities, and possibly also aid in the form of TAP assistance, salary to you or others. Furthermore , there must be an letter of intent by a tenured researcher at the host institution who makes her-/himself available as a mentor.

Must there be commitment from the project partners (ie academics from host institutions or other universities)? 

It is an advantage that there is a commitment from the host institution.

Can my salary be funded by others? 
Yes, the research group will benefit from this. 

 Should the application include quotations for equipment to be purchased?
No, that is not necessary.

How is co-financing of salary for the applicant/other VIP's by the host institution valued?

 It is positive if the host organization co-finances - but it is not a requirement

Do I have to hold a position at a Danish university in order to apply?  
No, however, it is a condition for a grant that a named institution in Denmark has committed themselves to host you and provide you with the facilities and infrastructure necessary for you to conduct your research.

Can I apply for a Fellowship and project support at the same time?

 Yes, however, it is not likely that you will receive a grant for both.

Regarding Young Scientist Prize and Talent Prizes:

Is the biological age requirement fixed or will leave of absence be deducted?

You can deduct periods of maternity/paternity leave and military service.