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Lundbeckfonden Postdoc in Denmark

Lundbeckfonden's vision is to create a better life through new knowledge. The aim of the foundation’s grants is to make a significant contribution towards increasing the quality and the usability of all research-based knowledge and experience gained in the field of biomedical and health sciences in Denmark. At the same time, our grants must help ensure that Denmark always has the best graduates and scientists at all career levels.

Therefore, the foundation awards PhD scholarships for free and independent biomedical and health sciences research of the highest standard at Danish research institutions.

The term ‘biomedical and health science’ is used here in its broadest sense, since there are many adjacent fields of research which, traditionally, belong to other classical faculties (particularly natural science and technical science) but, to an increasing extent, help steer the field of biomedicine towards new breakthroughs in knowledge and treatment. Consequently, research in technical and natural sciences with subject matter that addresses biomedical and health issues is treated as biomedical and health science research. 

How do you apply?

As a future postdoc, you are the main applicant and you can apply for funds for an independent research project or a well-defined sub-project of a major research project.

Postdoctoral fellowships are for a fixed amount. You will find the annual amount in the application form. This covers salaries and a contribution towards running costs. You can also apply for partial cover if your project is co-financed. However, the application to Lundbeckfonden must mainly cover salary.

You may not submit more than one application for the November 2017 deadline, unless you are applying for Lundbeckfonden running costs for the same project. If you received a rejection from the foundation to an application for the May 2017 deadline, you cannot apply again before spring 2018. 

Your application will be evaluated based on the originality and quality of the application’s scientific content, your qualifications as an applicant and the quality of the academic environment where you will be conducting your research. 

You apply via the foundation's application system.