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Lundbeckfonden & NIH BRAIN Initiative

Lundbeckfonden announces a new partnership with NIH, formalized by a letter of agreement. Both Lundbeckfonden and NIH believe that the ambitious goals of the BRAIN Initiative can best be attained by collaboration across disciplinary boundaries as well as geographic boundaries. The new partnership will allow researchers at Danish institutions to join ongoing as well as new BRAIN Initiative projects.

Supplemental Funding

Researchers at Danish institutions who are interested in participating in NIH BRAIN Initiative funded projects should contact the principal investigator of the NIH award to inquire if there is mutual interest in collaboration.  If this is the case, a PI from a Danish institution can contact Lundbeckfonden for advice on how to apply for funding of the part of the project that will be performed in Denmark.  

Matching Funding

In most of the NIH BRAIN Initiative Funding Opportunity Announcements, institutions outside the USA can participate either by submitting applications directly or as subcontractors in an application from an US institution.  Researchers at Danish institutions who submit applications in either role in NIH BRAIN Initiative awards should contact Lundbeckfonden as the application is submitted to NIH if they are interested in having the award potentially co-funded by NIH BRAIN Initiative and Lundbeckfonden. 

For more information

Please contact Director of Research Anne-Marie Engel,

e-mail: application@lundbeckfonden.dk. Subject line: NIH BRAIN Initiative