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Nordic Research Prize

Lundbeckfonden’s Nordic Research Prize was founded in 1987 under the name the P.V. Petersen Prize and was established in respect of H. Lundbeck’s former Research Director Poul Viggo Petersen, who became the first recipient of the prize.

Since 1987, the prize has been awarded to 24 researchers including 15 from Danish research institutions, 4 from Swedish research institutions, 3 from Norwegian and 2 from Finnish research institutes. The prize was an honorary prize, for which nominations could not be submitted. In selecting the candidates for the prize the Lundbeckfonden’s Research Prize Committee consulted with leading scientists, including previous recipients, and sought international assessment of the candidates proposed as the basis for awarding the prize.

Following the establishment of "The Brain Prize" LINK (Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation) the Foundation’s Board of Trustees decided to cease the awarding of the Nordic Research Prize.

When Lundbeckfonden’s Nordic Research Prize was awarded for the last time in 2010 it amounted to DKK 2 million of which DKK 600,000 was a personal prize and DKK 1,4 million to research of the prize recipient’s choosing.

Professor, M.D. Jes Olesen 2010
Professor, Ph.D. Mart Saarma 2009
Professor, M.D. Niels E. Skakkebæk 2008
Professor, M.D. Dr. h.c. Anders Björklund 2007
Professor, M.D. D.M.Sc. Jens F. Rehfeld 2006
Professor, Ph.D. Ole Petter Ottersen 2005
Professor, Ph.D. Jon Storm-Mathisen 2005
Professor, Ph.D. Matthias Mann 2004
Professor, M.D. Olaf Paulson 2003
Professor, M.D., Ph.D. Kari Alitalo 2002
Professor, M.D. Keld Danø 2001
Professor, Dr. Phil. Karl Anker Jørgensen 2000
Professor, M.D. Lars Farde 1999
Professor, M.D. Thue W. Schwartz 1998
Professor, Dr. Phil. Peter E. Nielsen 1997
Professor, M.D. Per Andersen 1996
Professor, M.D., D.M.Sc., Dr. h.c. Arvid Carlsson 1995
Professor, Chief Physician, M.D., Dr. h.c. Niels A. Lassen 1994
Professor, M.D. Carl-Gerhard Gottfries 1993
Professor, M.D. Lars-Inge Larsson 1991
Professor, M.D., D.M.Sc., Dr. h.c. Erik Strömgren 1990
Professor, D.Pharm. Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen 1989
Professor, M.D., Dr. h.c. Mogens Schou 1988
Director, Civil Eng. P.V. Petersen 1987